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One of the most fully equipped steel fabricating shops located in the Midwest

Heavy Duty Excavator Buckets, capacity up to 20 Yards

Tough materials, a design proved by every job stress, precision in each detail and made to last... that's an Eagle Bucket! Today's equipment costs too much for bucket size or shape to be "close enough." A few inches of added fill or extra digging can steal hundreds of dollars a week. Accuracy is speed. Precision pays off! These custom buckets give you advantages you can count: Eagle buckets fill smoothly, clean quickly, and get the most of excavator power. Each design is right for the job. Each dimension and detail exact. Backed by over 50 years of close-tolerance weldments.

Use the best tool. Use perfect strength. Eagle Buckets.
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EAGLE BUCKETS - Precision Engineered

  1. Line Bore Front and back holes are line bored to assure a precise fit and ease of installation
  2. Top Reinforcements Heavy plates welded between mounting lugs and sides maintain mounting lug dimensions for life of bucket
  3. T-1 Hooks Securely welded to bucket wear bars
  4. Low-Hydrogen Welds All welds are low-hydrogen quality to assure bucket strength under the most severe working conditions
  5. Side Inserts Made from T-1 high strength alloy and steel joined to plate lip by 100% weld for maximum strength. Side plates are drilled and countersunk for sidecutters
  6. Plate Lip Designs T-1 high strength, quenched and tempered alloy steel used for lip material gives maximum toughness, work life (100,000# yield)
  7. Points and Adapters Customer may specify Helilok, Conical, Parabolic, or Cat-style points and adapters - without additional cost
  8. Draft Design Bucket tapers uniformly from front to rear for cleaner dumping and unobstructed filling
  9. Penetration Design Side relief design improves penetration, lowers power requirement, and assures a straight, clean cut
  10. Side Relief Back plate set-in to avoid suction when excavating in heavy, wet material. Reduces machine power needed and keeps side plates clean
Your Choice for Job Demands
  • Standard Heavy Duty- with or without Pounding Pads
  • Severe Duty Rock

Optional Features
  • Type SAE 4140 Alloy Steel Mounting Lug Bushings
  • Sidecutters for protecting bucket sides and increased cutting widths (3-, 6- or 9-)
  • Pounding Pad Construction: Reinforced side plates, extra heavy bucket shell, wear bars across entire heel area of the bucket

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